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Alpina B6 F12 BMW 6 Series

Alpina B6 flexes BMW 6 Series Muscle in Tokyo

As one of our beloved models, the 2012 BMW 6 Series is pretty hard to fault. Still, there’s plenty of tuning companies out there that think there’s room for improvement. When it comes to genuine tuning for a Bavarian products Alpina is definitely one of the biggest names you can […]

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6 years ago
BMW 6 Series Coupe M Sport spied

BMW preparing the M Sport package for the new 6 Series Coupe (F12)

The new BMW 6 Series Coupe (F12) has been revealed about two weeks ago and already the German specialists from Prior Design decided to release the first details on a tuning kit starring the new-generation 6 Series. This time, the Bavarians from BMW took for a ride the new 6 […]

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7 years ago
BMW Service

BMW Korea: Free Checkup Campaign

As we’ve mentioned before, BMW has always tried hard to take care of it’s customers so that they would not have any worries regarding the mechanical aspect of the cars they have bought. But what will happen with the cars after they will not be eligible to the BMW Ultimate […]

8 years ago
Klaus Draeger (right)

2011 BMW 6 Series Rumored to Show Up at the Paris Motor Show

Some interesting rumors have appeared, presumably from the mouth of Dr Klaus Draeger himself, the BMW chief of product development. You see, rumor has it that the Paris Motor Show will be hosting the new generation of the BMW 6 Series. And the icing on the cake is that the […]

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8 years ago
2012 BMW M6 spyshot

Spyshots of the 2012 BMW M6

Spyshots of the 2012 BMW 6 Series both coupe and convertibles have been seen around quite a bit and recently they’ve been dropping some of the camouflage as well but one particular model, perhaps the most eagerly expected one of the full F12 lineup hasn’t yet been seen around. Things […]

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8 years ago
Alpina B6 GT1 Aurora Racing

Alpina B6 GT1 by Aurora Racing

While BMW has a proper racing heritage the 6 Series is not one of the models that contributed much to it. The car we have here may change things a bit as it represents the result of a project destined to prep the car for GT1 racing regulations.

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8 years ago

2011 BMW 6 Series Coupe Rendering

BMW’s most recent launch at Beijing, the Gran Coupe Concept is a great looking four door saloon, which may be going to jump at the Mercedes CLS market. While this car has seen a lot of enthusiasm there are quite a few people considering that this is happening a bit […]

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8 years ago
Spy Video: BMW 6 Series

Spy Video: BMW 6 Series

Yes, another spy shots of the new 2011 BMW 6 Series but this time we talk about a spy video. I have to tell you because probably you didn’t notice as I did: now BMW is testing the new 2011 BMW 6 Series as much as it was doing with […]

by November 29, 2009 1 comment BMW 6-Series, Spy Photos, Videos
8 years ago
Spy Photos: 2011 BMW 6 Series

Spy Photos: 2011 BMW 6 Series

After all this mess with the launch of the new BMW 5 Series, there are some new spy photos with the 2011 BMW 6 Series, a car that is probably to become as waited as the previous mentioned BMW 5 Series because from what I see in these photos, it […]

by November 25, 2009 0 comments BMW 6-Series, Spy Photos
8 years ago
BMW Alpina B6 GT3 – More details

BMW Alpina B6 GT3 – More details

Alpina has unveiled curtains from its new BMW B6 GT3 in Geneva, which it intends to race in the European GT3 championship. The new BMW Alpina B6 GT3 houses a powerful 4.4 liter engine which is capable of 530 horsepower and 535 pound-feet of torque. With its mean look, it […]

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9 years ago