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BMW ConnectedDrive

5 Series ConnectedDrive advertised

BMW released a new advertisement with a rather interesting punch line (or maybe a plot twist?), which I will not spoil for you. The video presents the new 5 Series LCI, or more precisely, the fact that it comes with BMW’s ConnectedDrive system. The ad comes online as the 5 […]

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4 years ago
2014 BMW 5 Series lineup showcased in video

2014 BMW 5 Series lineup showcased in video

BMW just released a video showcasing the facelifted version of the 5 Series vehicle range. From what we can gather from the video, it seems the German car maker didn’t go wild with restyling the 5 Series, and maybe it’s for the best. It is understandable that a car should […]

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4 years ago
2014 BMW 5 Series

The new BMW 5 Series is officially here

The 2014 BMW 5 Series has been revealed today and brings some minor styling features and equipment upgrades. As you already know, we talk about a facelift version of the F10 BMW 5 Series, the most important improvements being at the exterior. We talk about revised bumpers, optical blocks, adaptive […]

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4 years ago
5 Series Exclusive Sport

5 Series Exclusive Sport

The Japanese has been rewarded with a new limited edition version of the BMW 5-Series. With 300 units being made available for purchase, this package will be applicable for the sedan and touring 5-Series. It is a bit overwhelming, considering the facelifted version is soon to be launched, but maybe […]

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4 years ago
2014 BMW 5 Series Spied

2014 BMW 5 Series spied once again

It seems that the upcoming BMW 5 Series is getting closer and closer as it starts dropping camouflage and appears more frequently on the streets. The current F10 5 Series will receive a facelift treatment this year, with the main improvements at the exterior being related to the bumpers and […]

by February 20, 2013 1 comment BMW 5-Series, Spy Photos
4 years ago
2014 BMW 5 Series GT spied

New BMW 5 Series GT caught while testing

It seems that the Germans at BMW are preparing a facelift treatment for the first generation 5 Series GT, a model which was not the best selling one in the States. To be honest, the Bavarians received few critics on the model’s design. It is interesting to see if the […]

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4 years ago
F07 BMW 5 Series GT facelift spied

F07 BMW 5 Series GT facelift spied

It would not have been fair to see the F10 BMW 5 Series facelift running around getting ready for a stage debut, without the unpleasant side of the story turning up. The… aesthetically challenged F07 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is going to get itself a new look as well. […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series refresher

F10 BMW 5 Series refresher spied again

BMW’s 5 Series is the sort of car that a lot of people would want to see die. Most of them work for Audi, Mercedes and Lexus and they’re all in bad luck. The newest edition of the 5 Series, the F10, is going strong and it’s about to pickup […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

F10 BMW 5 Series fakes Frozen Paint

Frozen Paint is probably one of the most desirable bits of kit you can have on your BMW. Like all things this way, there are some sacrifices that need to be made. There’s the convenience factor, there’s the cost, there’s the maintenance and there’s the ever present threatening feeling that […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series facelift

F10 BMW 5 Series to soon get a facelift

I will admit, this one caught me off guard. Whereas I find it easy to keep track of which models in the BMW lineup are due for a replacement or facelift, this is where I failed. The F10 BMW 5 Series was introduced back in 2009 and sometime next year […]

by October 17, 2012 2 comments BMW 5-Series
5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series

F10 BMW 5 Series commercial gets drivers in trouble

In any given situation, conversation about BMW cars turns to driving feel, pleasure and general well being attributes. Especially when it comes to the 5 Series. The mid-sized luxury sedan is simply joyous in just about every aspect, particularly when it comes to its drivers benefits. Despite this, BMW have […]

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5 years ago
Diesel powered BMW X5

More BMW diesels headed for US market

America’s lack of interest in the fuel saving solution that is the diesel engine has been long discussed and over-debated for several years now. There have been plenty of attempts, at the forefront of which BMW have been of major importance, to showcase the capabilities and performance diesel is capable. […]

5 years ago
BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 pricing announced

Well here’s a followup to the recent announcement from BMW about cost cutting. The Toyota R&D connection means that hybrid vehicles will come with a decent price. The city car of the range the BMW i3 has recently started making noises about its price, in the wake of this new […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series

F10 BMW 5 Series gets a funny commercial

BMW, a German company that claims to make fun to drive automobiles yet makes some of the most clinical and businessman-like cars out there. On some levels, that is, sadly true. But then, there’s a whole lot of good stuff in the BMW brand to even that out. Even in […]

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5 years ago

BMW models and Rolls Royce Ghost recalled

Cheer and fun is all available everywhere in the BMW Group’s family but occasionally mistakes happen, even within our favorite brand. The latest such unpleasant situation focuses on a shared component that’s to be found in most of the larger BMW products and the smallest Rolls Royce. We’re looking at […]

5 years ago
BMW Olympic livery

BMW will be involved with 2012 Olympics

Here’s an idea for you, the Bavarians at BMW are going to put some effort behind the upcoming 2012 Olymipic games that are going to be held in London. Being a long way away from the original idea of the Greek Olympics, the new event is getting sponsors and stuff […]

5 years ago
BMW 6 Series

BMW recalls 5 and 6 Series models worldwide

BMW will have to add an enormous volume of cars to their recall list. We’re looking at worldwide sold models, spanning over some seven years. There’s quite the problem with it being a recall that affects the ever popular BMW 5 Series and its two door 6 Series sibling. Total […]

by March 27, 2012 0 comments BMW 5-Series, BMW 6-Series
5 years ago
Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo

Alpina dials up their B5 Bi-Turbo

Alpina gave their B5 Bi-Turbo an update and forgot to make the usual pompous announcements about it. Or did they? After all, Alpina is a tuner that’s well known for a close relationship with the Bavarian manufacturer and the discrete appearance of their cars. The Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo is a […]

by February 21, 2012 0 comments BMW 5-Series, BMW Tuning News
5 years ago
F10 BMW M550 xDrive

BMW M Performance F10 5 Series presented

The SAVs will sell like hot cakes, but the M Performance sub-brand will certainly shift plenty of the F10 5 Series versions as well, so let’s grab a closer look at it. Under the new M Performance banner, the 5er is available in both sedan and estate shape and it […]

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5 years ago
F10 BMW 5 Series

BMW NA to make a few changes in distribution

BMW North America plans to make some pretty important changes to the way they distribute cars throughout the country. The focus stays on how new BMW vehicles are stored and shifted among dealer showrooms. In essence, the Bavarians are trying to centralize as much of the process as possible. Benefits […]

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5 years ago