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BMW i Range

BMW i range to be seen in Tokyo

It seems like in the process of gearing up for the Tokyo Motor Show, the Bavarians aren’t going to stop at bringing a hybrid 5 Series and they will be teaming it up with the BMW i Range. We knew the Japanese were fans of fuel efficiency but last I [...]

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BMW Headquarters

BMW Group gets record sales for October

It seems like the initial concerns over the finances of our favorite Bavarian company have been greatly exaggerated when rumors and reports came in about R&D costs of the F30 BMW 3 Series. On the other hand, the news about the BMW X3 chipping into some great sales figures over [...]

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2011 BMW Frozen Gray M3

The promised special edition BMW for the U.S. is here

A few days ago BMW released some teasing information according to which a special edition of Bavarian creations is headed stateside. Though it pains me to say this I have to say i was expecting a bit more, while what this car is is far less than disappointing it sort [...]

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BMW i10 Megacity

BMW Megacity will be seen at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

According to some reports from German magazine Autobild, the BMW Megacity will see its official debut at the 2011 Franfurt Motor Show. To be honest, I may have gotten a bit more excited than necessary as by then the Bavarians will be showing us the first prototype of the Project [...]

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2011 BMW M5

More spyshots of the F10 BMW M5

BMW have begun a trend of reducing the amount of camouflage seen on the super saloon M5 ever since the normal 5 Series F10 is already roaming the streets. To this extent, here’s a set of shots in which the M5 is getting more and more… naked.

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2011 BMW M5

More spyshots of the 2011 BMW M5

A new BMW M5 is always going to be a car that will create a lot of expectations, a car that will meet those expectations and surpass them every time. This must be one of the reasons why the Bavarians are testing it round the Nurburgring so thoroughly. With that [...]

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BMW M3 GTS-R may celebrate Nurburgring victory

Most of you still have a fresh memory of BMW winning at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring last weekend after a five years since the last victory of the manufacturer on this track, four of which had been taken by Porsche. Apparently BMW are so pleased with fan support of [...]

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BMW X3 checked by Bomb Squad

Camouflaged BMW X3 causes bomb scare

We know the next generation of BMW X3 is destined to come out in 2011 and it is already out on the streets in disguise. What we don’t know is just what kind of attraction a new BMW can generate, even for somebody who isn’t a petrolhead and has no [...]

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2011 F10 BMW M5

2011 BMW M5 spotted at the Ring

Spotted may not be the proper term for BMW’s camouflage techniques but the 2011 F10 BMW M5 has been seen, and recorded at that, going round the Nurburgring. As befits any sport car or sports sedan in this case, of the M5′s caliber Nurburgring testing is a must, especially when [...]

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2011 E92 BMW M3 GTS

BMW M3 GTS recored at the ‘Ring

The Nordschleife got a very interesting visit recently in the form of the 2011 BMW M3 GTS. The limited edition of the E92 M3 will stand to replace the CSL version of the previous generation of M3 as this is still a lightweight, hardcore, track racing focused car that is [...]

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1945 days ago

2011 BMW 6 Series Coupe Rendering

BMW’s most recent launch at Beijing, the Gran Coupe Concept is a great looking four door saloon, which may be going to jump at the Mercedes CLS market. While this car has seen a lot of enthusiasm there are quite a few people considering that this is happening a bit [...]

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F10 BMW M5

Next F10 BMW M5 details

As we are just getting familiar with the new 5 Series Sedan BMW is announcing the most eagerly awaited version of its mid-size executive car. The next generation of BMW M5 will take the “horsepower wars” to a next level.

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2011 BMW 5 Series Spy Photos

2011 BMW 5 Series Spy Photos

Yes, another spy photos of the great 2011 BMW 5 Series were taken. The shots were taken on a rain so the interior photos are not so clear because there are drop of waters on the windows. The exterior is camouflaged only with stickers but at the interior there are some [...]

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2011 BMW 0 Series

2011 BMW 0 Series

It is kind of shocking but at the same time, great news. Yes, BMW is about to launch 0 Series in 2011. I’m very surprised, I didn’t expect at a 0 Series but I thinked about 2 Series, 4 Series, 8 Series and so on but not 0 Series. 2011 [...]

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Spy Photos: 2011 BMW X3

Spy Photos: 2011 BMW X3

A period of time, we saw no spy pictures; but now, the internet is full with 2011 BMW X3 spy photos. If you ask what is 2011 BMW X3 I will tell you. The model from these pictures is a facelift of BMW X3 that is about to come in next few [...]

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2011 BMW Series 1

2011 BMW Series 1

The 2011 BMW Series 1 have been cought on lot of spy pictures. I chose only 4 pictures to show you the car from all angles but from a simple search you can find a lot of pictures with 2011 BMW 1 Series.

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2221 days ago
2011 BMW 5 Series (codenamed F10) – Leaked photo

2011 BMW 5 Series (codenamed F10) – Leaked photo

A few days ago we talked about the official appearance of BMW 5-Series GT (Gran Turismo). Now we have a leaked photo with next generation BMW 5 Series codenamed F10 and we don’t know if the car will look same as in the photo. In a article about the next [...]

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2011 BMW 5 Series – new data

2011 BMW 5 Series – new data

The new BMW 5 Series was scheduled to launch in 2010, 2011 or 2012. Now, it seems that 2011 is the most likely year for the release date. BMW wants to change the V10 from the previous model with a turbo V8 which will be mounted on the 2011 BMW [...]

by December 5, 2008 1 comment BMW 5-Series
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BMW Roadmap for Future Vehicles

The last few days have been filled with Internet news of what seemed to be an “exclusive” inside information from BMW. This information was regarding their roadmap for future cars until 2014. Here is what some forums posted: 09/08 E90 Facelift 11/08 New 7 Series 01/09 New Z4 09/09 BMW [...]

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Cadillac After the 3-Series

Cadillac After the 3-Series

In order to take on BMW’s best selling car, the 3-series, Cadillac is joining the RWD game. The future Cadillac line is built on the new Alpha RWD platform and will replace the Epsilon front-drive Cadillac BLS in Europe. Moreover, Cadillac will expand its line up in the US market [...]

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