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2009 BMW Z4 at Detroit Auto Show

Recently, I wrote an article in which I added some wallpapers with 2009 BMW Z4. Finally, 2009 BMW Z4 makes its appearance at Detroit Auto Show. As I said in other articles, this car looks great. The exterior design and the interior are great. 2009 BMW Z4′s navigation system, and the console buttons board are [...]

2009 BMW Z4 art

We already saw a few official pictures of the BMW Z4. After that, we saw an interior presentation and a few pictures of the beautiful car in blue. We even took a look under the bonnet and in the trunk of this magnification car. Now, we can see it in a scenario that no one [...]

BMW Z4 launching this month

The 2009 BMW Z4 is probably the most expected car to be unveiled in the history of BMW. There are countless rumors and spy photos which you can find with this amazing car. We already knew that the 2009 BMW Z4 will appear in December, but know we have the official date: 15th of December. [...]

Photos with 2009 BMW Z4′s Interior

A few days ago we posted an article with the last spy photos with 2009 BMW Z4 and now we have some photos with it’s beautiful interior. The new design of the new BMW Z4 contains in some elements which were taken from CS Concept, like new DCT gearbox, cs concept’s buttons, Driving Dynamics Control [...]

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