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BMW 4-Series Convertible Coming with M Performance Parts

A BMW 4-Series Convertible was recently seen wearing the special touch of the M Performance Parts, with some pictures also to be released by the BMW UK. The BMW UK has specially customized the BMW 4-Series Convertible for its fans all over UK, so if you have the right money, just tune up your 4-Series [...]

BMW 2-Series Cabrio Caught undergoing Tests

After the BMW 2-Series Coupe was unveiled a few months ago, as the successor of the 1-Series Coupe, the forthcoming BMW 2-Series Cabrio was caught on camera while undergoing some tests, without the sportscar wearing some camouflage. The BMW 2-Series Cabrio is going to successfully carry on with the legacy of the 1-Series, the Cabrio [...]

Long-Awaited BMW 2-Series Cabrio Caught on Camera

The long-awaited BMW 2-Series Cabrio might hit the dealership sooner than expected since it was caught on camera in some light camouflage by photographers from Inautonews publication. It was definitely a logical step to follow the footsteps of the Coupe version, when photos with the 2-Series Cabrio first appeared, and now spied shots reveal the [...]

BMW with Driverless Car Tech at CES 2014

After BMW i3 electric receiving its Samsung Galaxy BMW i3 at the CES 2014, the high-tech system that allows you to know about the car`s functionality through a wrist watch developed by Samsung, BMW has come up with another prototype system. BMW, as well as Audi, have unveiled the latest high-tech driverless car technology with [...]

BMW puts a price on their 2 Series Coupe

Over the past months, information about the BMW 2 Series has slowly trickled unto the internet, and the car that is taking shape has plenty promise. With the official unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show next month, the Bavarian car maker let slip one more piece of the puzzle. It seems that the BMW 2 [...]

First BMW 2 Series will be presented 5 days from now

It seems that BMW is on a roll with intriguing and/or funny videos, and most of them seem to revolve around the brand new models they are bringing to the lineup. With the i3 almost on the road and the i8 and 4 Series not far behind, BMW is finally focusing more on the 2 [...]

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