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BMW 118d into a 1M Replica outputting 550hp

German tuner TJ Fahrzeugdesign has recently transformed a BMW 118d Coupe into a 1M replica, developing a massive 555 horsepower. The tuner company managed to turn the 118d Coupe into a real monster 1M with an inline six-cylinder V10 engine, taken from the previous generation of M5 and M6 models. The company has managed to [...]

2010 BMW 118d Coupe

This is a really cool car but if you would look at it through my eyes you will notice also another thing namely that this is weird. I mean BMW 1 Series is built to be presented by hatchbacks and the car that I will talk about is a coupe but it is still looking [...]

BMW 118d Convertible – BMW goes green

No, BMW is not giving up on its high-powered monsters. Even so, they are trying to turn their attention to environment-friendly vehicles. BMW spokesman says that their future plans continue to include the same old raw power which is practically the true face of BMW, but they are also experimenting with models like the BMW [...]

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