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BMW to Reconsider a Wider “I” Range of Electric Cars

Rumors stated that due to the first model which managed to surpass expectations of selling more than 11,000 units worldwide since November, the BMW automaker is said to expand the range of the i-branded electric range.

But the production chief at BMW, Harald Krueger, said that the company won`t be adding a third model to the i-branded range until higher demands will be on the roll.

BMW i3 Electric

BMW i3 Electric

The i-series has been trademarked by the i9 version, but Krueger also stated that it has no plans to add it to the i3 and i8 plug-in hybrid cars, going on sale this spring.

BMW FWD Active Tourer possibly the Next 2-Series

Along with the development of the BMW`s front-wheel drive based on Concept Active Courier, the compact MPV was expected to arrive under the badge of a 1-Series.

But the BMW`s compact MPV was just spotted wearing a 225i badge, which is a confirmed statement that the vehicle will arrive under the new 2-Series range.

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

A senior manager at BMW has let word that the decision was made due to the fact that the compact MPV is significantly bigger that the present 1-Series hatchback sold in the U.S., and it that it will cost more.

The BMW i5 highly dependent on i3 success

For a while now, BMW has been circulating news about a third name for their brand new i sub-branch, namely the i5.

But while they have already confirmed plans for this model, they have yet to green light its production.

BMW i Models

BMW i Models

The reason behind this is the fact that the German car maker is not yet sure of the complete success of their first two green cars, with a greater emphasis on the small i3. They have invested heavily into developing the technologies that went into making the model, so the safe thing to do is wait until they know for sure that the i3 will sell.

BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition Commemorating China`s “Year of the Horse”

The German luxury car manufacturer is on a “worldwide” tour with its two high-end models, the M5 and the M6. It seems that the two models will be sporting a limited Horse Edition, to commemorate in China the beginning of the New Year 2014.

Chinese people celebrate the beginning of the New Year on January 31 and this was a suitable opportunity for BMW to put on the Chinese market a special edition M, which is the Horse Edition, specially prepared for the Chinese event.

BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition in China

BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition in China

BMW has announced that there would be only 30 copies of the special edition M5 for the Chinese market alone. What makes the car apart, is the unique horse character into the headrests.

Brussels Motor Show: BMW M3 and M4 Conquer Europe

The long expected launch of the two brothers from BMW, the M3 and the M4 has finally arrived, making their debut in Europe, at the Brussels Motor Show.

BMW was more than sure that the two versions would be an instant hit and didn’t launch the cars at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, but managed to place them into the spotlights of the 2014 Brussels Motor Show.

2015 BMW M3 Sedan

2015 BMW M3 Sedan

To call back some of the most outstanding specs and performance of the M3, we can state that the next generation, along with its two-door coupe M4, comes equipped under the hood with a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine with six cylinders inline.

BMW will overhaul their dealerships

There is a slight chance that you might have noticed the fact that BMW is reworking his car lineup.

They have further differentiated the 1 and 3 Series versions with the addition of the 2 and 4 Series while also branching out into the electric/hybrid market with the i3 and i8.

BMW Dealership

BMW Dealership

But that is not all there is to it, as the Bavarian car maker is taking the overhaul to another level. Recent news indicate the fact that they are redoing the whole of their dealerships, an investment that will cost somewhere in the vicinity of $2.8 billion.

Fresh New Spied G11 BMW 7-Series Ahead of Its Time

BMW is caught again in the act with some leaked photos concerning the appearance of the upcoming 7-Series, using a cutting-edge technology concerning the usage of yet again carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

The next generation of the 7-Series will fall under the protective wings of the G11 chassis and will make its way into the market, somewhere in 2015.

G11 BMW 7-Series Spy Photos

BMW 7-Series

Of course that the spied shots reveal the forthcoming 7-Series in camouflage; interestingly, the car now reveals all the production reading parts underneath. Now, the car is equipped with parts previously missing, like a production quality polished and stylized dual oval exhaust transformed into a cut clear bumper.

BMW i3 Electric to Be Priced as the 3-Series in the US

Top executives at BMW stated that the German luxury car manufacturer is expecting the i3 electric to share the same price as the 3-Series in the United States.

The first electric car that BMW has launched will be available in the US starting this May, and the automaker is spending billions on the developing of the i3 and also i8 plug-in hybrid supercar.

BMW i3 electric

BMW i3 electric

The company`s goal is to sell more than two thousands electric i3s in the first year in the United States alone, hoping to build the carbon fiber bodies just on time in Washington, with the help of a joint venture in Moses Lake.

BMW to Smash Its Competitors at Daytona

BMW has a killer at the 2014 CTSCC Season Opener, Daytona, where its drivers swept its competitors in the Grand Sports class and in the Street Tuner class, in the BMW Performance 200 event.

Gordon McDonnell, the Manager at BMW Motorsport, gladly stated that the BMW teams in 1-4 in GS and 1-2 in ST were fantastic, especially in the BMW Performance 200.

BMW to Smash Its Competitors at Daytona

BMW to Smash Its Competitors at Daytona

Bill Auberlen and Paul Dalla Lana were the overall winners in the No.96 Turner Motorsport BMW M3, but had to make room for Shelby Blackstock and Ashley Frieberg in the No.48 Fall-Line Motorsports BMW M3, after being excluded from the results due to some post-race technical inspections.

2014 BMW 740Ld xDrive to Arrive in the U.S at $82,500

BMW has done it all to give the 7-Series the best options and performances, after more than 40 years of its existence on the market. But there is just one particular thing that the 7-Series didn’t receive, but will, in the next future.

I am referring to a special diesel edition that the luxury car manufacturer is preparing for the US market. It concerns the new yet unveiled 740LdxDrive, to mark its diesel existence at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, before heading toe sales on spring.

BMW 7-Series Diesel

BMW 7-Series Diesel

The 2014 BMW 7-Series will be offered on long-wheelbase with standard all-wheel drive, being powered by a 3.0-liter inline six engine, developing 255 horsepower and a roughly 413 pound-feet of torque.

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