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BMW front-wheel-drive model?

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, Norbert Reithofe, head of BMW Group, said that BMW will use in the near future Mini’s platform for one of their model. The model that will be the first BMW front-wheel-drive model!

According to an interview with the head of BMW Group at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, the Bavarians will soon propose on the market the first BMW front-wheel-drive model. How is that possible, when all the fans appreciate the BMW models with traditional propulsion? According to national studies, those from BMW came to the conclusion that there exists a growing demand for small class premium cars. Cars as Mini or, more importantly for the Bavarians, as the new Audi A1.

BMW S1000RR tuned by AC Schnitzer with photos and details

I have to say that I don’t remember to have ever talked about a tuned motorcycle but now we are really going to talk about a tuned motorcycle or better said, we are going to talk about the BMW S1000RR which is tuned by Ac Schnitzer and I have to say by now that it doesn’t come with any performance upgrades because it doesn’t need such a thing.

Now you may wonder what’s new at this tuned BMW S1000RR by Ac Schnitzer. Well, it comes with adjustable handlebars, adjustable clamp, brake and clutch levers, a carbon fiber exhaust silencer which looks awesome on this motorcycle, crash bungs, performance air-filter and a number plate hanger.

BMW X6 M by Vorsteiner Renderings

BMW X6 M received another tuning kit, this time we deal with an aesthetic package developed by tuners from Vorsteiner. Tuners from Vorsteiner created another aerodynamic kit for BMW, this time for the BMW X6 M model. The package is called VRS Aero and is the newest addition to the tuner’s range. Aesthetic package is made of carbon fiber and excels at quality thanks to how it was done.

Those from Vorsteiner are making all the carbon fiber in a vacuum, which confers a 30% higher resistance than the equivalent made by conventional methods. The aerodynamic package contains a lip for the front spoiler, a ventilated hood, a spoiler mounted on the tailgate’s door and a rear air diffuser. All these elements are complemented by a set of alloy wheels, V-102 model, with a 23-inch size and equipped with Michelin tires.

BMW S3-R M3 tuned by Dinan with photos and details

Here is a very interesting and also cool tuning program but at the same time, this tuning kit is also very simple and because it is so simple and much simpler than the original BMW M3 Coupe it can develop higher performances having just few modifications but those modifications were made clever.

Well, first you should know that this new BMW S3-R M3 Coupe tuned by Dinan is able to develop up to 527 horsepower and also a maximum torque of 407 lbs-ft so there is a and update of 113 horsepower. Well, this update comes because of the Carbon Fiber High Flow Intake and bored out High Flow Throttle Bodies.

BMW to unveil “Dwelling Lab”

I have to say that when I was first looking at this BMW Dwelling Lab, I didn’t know what I was seeing but at the same time, I was liking what I was seeing. There are few photos with this BMW Dwelling Lab project but you can make an opinion just by looking at these two photos that I uploaded in this post.

After you saw the title, you may wonder where is BMW going to unveil this Dwelling Lab project and I tell you that they are going to do this at the Milan design week from Italy so if you are a citizen from there, is worth to go seeing this Dwelling lab.

New Official Images with the BMW 5 Series Touring F11

We talked in many posts about the new BMW 5 Series Touring F11. We presented you the main details about the new 5 Series family member. After that, we came with some extra details and few videos with the new 5-Series Touring F11.

This time, we’ll present you few more official pictures with the BMW 5 Series Touring F11, released later by BMW. BMW has issued a new set of images with the new 5 Series Touring. This time, the model is found in more family aspects, in order to highlight the market segment that is positioned.

BMW confirmed Front-Wheel Small Car for the future

If some time ago there were some rumors saying that BMW is going to build a front-wheel small car, well, as you can see, those rumors have been confirmed officially by BMW which is very cool because if you’re using your car more in the city, well, maybe this new future BMW product is going to be a perfect choice talking about the city cars.

With these confirmed rumors, there are coming up more little rumors like there may also be all-wheel-drive for this small car either that at the moment it is named the front-wheel future car from BMW.

More about the BMW M Bike

We wrote you some time ago about the first bike created by the BMW’s M Division. Now we’ll focus more on this bike. BMW is offering a new bike for their cycling enthusiasts customers. This time, the new bike is developed by the M Division and weighs 12.9 kg.

M division‘s engineers of BMW had created an ultra-light bike, which offers top performances. It is available in three different sizes and has a mass of only 12.9 kg. The frame is made of aluminum, like the front suspension, and both elements are designed by BMW engineers. The fork is made by people from Manitou and has a dual suspension fork and disc brakes on both wheels.

Spy photos with the new 2011 BMW 6 Series

If you’re looking on the internet for spy photos with any BMW car, I bet that most of those spy photos will be with this 2011 BMW 6 Series because as I remember, in the past time when we talked about some spy photos, we certainly talked about a 2011 BMW 6 Series prototype.

As you can see from these new two spy photos, this 2011 BMW 6 Series prototype is a convertible but it’s still a long car, I mean that it doesn’t compare to the BMW Z4 so it is probably going to be very luxury and as usual, very powerful.

The New BMW 5 Series prices for Romania

BMW released today the prices for the new 5 Series generation for Romania. I know this may be not very interesting for you, but I have to make my duty for our few readers from Romania, because I’m also from Romania. The sedan goes from 42,661 euros, price applied to the 204 horsepower 523i version.

The public in Romania hadn’t to wait too long for the launch of the new BMW 5 Series in Romania. The Bavarian sedan comes on the local market with six engine versions, four petrol and two diesels.

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