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Spy Photos: BMW 1 Series M Coupe at testings

Although the name of this model has not been officially announced yet, those from BMW are still testing the M version of 1 Series, equipped with a turbocharged engine capable to develop 350 hp. BMW engineers continue the tests for BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The exact name of this model is not known yet, rumors range between 135is and M1.

BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Using the name of the famous M1 would conflict with the supercar of the German manufacturer, while 135is may not accurately reflect the performance of this model, but would be very close to the new 335is, a model launched in the United States of America. Until then, remains to observe the test model’s features from the photos surprised by Carpix.

Spy Photos: 2011 BMW X3 tested on Munchen’s Streets

BMW engineers are testing the new X3 on the streets of Munich. The model is camouflaged very subtle, which means that the new BMW X3 will start soon at a major auto show. From what we see, the model is complete in terms of patterns from outside, which means that the 2011 BMW X3 could begin even at the Paris Motor Show, if not sooner.

2011 BMW X3 Spy Shots

BMW X3 gets the design language of his younger brother from X1 with features from X5. Compared with the current generation, the prototype tested is quite wider, taller and longer. This confirms the rumors that states that the X3 will take place of the X5 in terms of interior and exterior dimensions, while the X5 will be bigger, to rival models like Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GL/ML.

First Photo for the BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

Jeff Koons, the artist chosen by BMW to draw the 17th art car, presented the first sketch of the future decorated competition model. The model is based on the BMW M3 GT2 and will debut at this year edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

BMW will make the 17th art car in order to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As you know, the artist chose to decorate this model is Jeff Koons, and the model that will be drawn is the BMW M3 GT2. This year, BMW celebrates 35 years from drawing the first art car, and Jeff Koons decided to follow the example of Roy Lichtenstein, who presented the model designed by him in 1977 at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

New Rendering for the next BMW 6 Series

We provided you a series of spy photos with the next BMW 6 Series, now we’ll discuss about a rendering for the next-generation BMW 6 Series. If the previous renderings were influenced by the CS Concept, the latest spy pictures with the new BMW 6 Series are changing our perspective.

2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Spy Shots

But even if the cars are still covered by camouflage, those with an experienced eye shall have sufficient details in order to realize renderings as close as possible of reality. This time, a member of an automotive forum, provided a rendering for the future BMW 6 Series, which gives us a very different idea for the new BMW 6 Series.

Spy Shots: More photos with the BMW 6 Series Coupe

As we promised you here, we came with more spy shots for the BMW 6 Series Coupe. I’m rushing to write this post because we’ll provide soon some renderings for the BMW 6 Series, so, keep close!

2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Spy Shots

Surprisingly, the BMW may quit the M6 in favor of an individual performance model, totally different from the 6 Series range. On the other hand, people from BMW could develop more niche models on the platform of the future Series 6.

Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe

Photographers from Carpix have provided the first images of the new BMW 6 Series Coupe during testing. Until reaching the test’s place, those from BMW transported the prototype on a platform, as you’ll see in the spy shots.

2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Spy Shots

BMW engineers are testing the new BMW 6 Series Coupe, a model that will debut most probably in 2011. According to Jim O’Donnell, the BMW’s North American Division president, the new 6 Series Coupe will be the most handsome BMW model in recent years. For now though, the prototype tested by the Bavarian engineers is seriously hidden under the camouflage and shows many plastic components which hides the real aspect of this model. However, we can not observe the silhouette inspired by the CS concept of those from BMW.

The HD Radio feature will be a standard for the 2011 models

I’m quite excited about this new feature of BMW but the biggest fact that makes me so excited about it is that it’s going to be a standard feature for the all models that BMW is going to build in 2010 or to say in other way, to the 2011 BMW models.

The HD Radio feature started to be given from 2006 as an option but as you can see, now they thought they should make it a standard feature to all BMW models from now and I think they will do a really great job making this.

Extra Photos Plus Extra Few Details on BMW 5 Series LWB launched in China

We talked quite alot about the BMW 5 Series long-wheelbase version launched in China. From the first details about the fact that BMW will release a version with increased wheelbase for the Chinese market, through the official details about the Chinese BMW 5 Series LWB and a video presentation for the BMW 5 Series LWB. Finaly, this is the last discussion about the BMW 5 Series LWB launched in China, at least for now.

We’ll focus on few extra details and also on the photo gallery. Inside, BMW keeps the entire range of premium optionals, four areas automatic air conditioning, electrically visor, LCDs in the front headrests and Head-Up Display function for the driver.

BMW Narrow Pass Assistant System

BMW has developed an intelligent assistance system for detecting the narrow roads, or better said the narrow paths. At press statement issued with the occasion of 25 years of activity of BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH, the Germans made public the launch of an assistance system for narrow sections of road: BMW Narrow Pass Assistant.

The vehicle is equipped with several sensors that detect if the road is getting narrow and if the remaining space is wide enough to pass safely the obstacle. The system confirms or not the distance that the driver estimates about an obstacle, ensuring that there is sufficient space on both lateral sides for the car to pass safely.

Another realistic rendering: 2011 BMW X3

I have to tell you that this is more a test of the content-aware fill feature of the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 that is going to come but we are very interested about the thing that they tested this on namely a 2011 BMW X3. As you can see, this is also a realistic rendering because at the begining, this was a camouflaged 2011 BMW X3 but with that new feature, they made a realistic rendering as you can see.

This 2011 BMW X3 will come with a 3.0 liter in-line 6 cylinder engine which can develop up to 230 horsepower which is quite ok for this 2011 BMW X3.

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