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Pricing for the new BMW M3 and M4 leaked

After their debut at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show, the new BMW M3 and M4 benefit from a big wave of speculations about their starting prices. To begin with, the 2015 BMW M3 is rumored to begin at $62,000, a price which doesn’t include a $925 destination and handling fee. If you want the bigger [...]

China might be taxing luxury cars

After South Korea made BMW’s life easier by passing certain laws to help reduce the price of European vehicles, another law in Asia might do the opposite. China is set to implement a new law that will increase the taxes of luxury cars. Said law will affect cars that wear a price tag of over [...]

BMW cheaper in South Korea

Good news for European car makers. South Korea will make its home market a haven for imported vehicles. In 2011, the Asian country has implemented a trade pact agreement that has since helped European car makers offer ever more cheap cars. All these vehicles have seen a dramatic drop in duties, from 8 percent to [...]

Luxury sales race favors BMW again

As a BMW fan, or even a supporter of the opposition among Mercedes, Audi or Lexus, you’re likely well aware of the fierce fight for sales in this segment. Over the last few months, BMW’s established lead was starting to get eroded by the fierce competition and their relentless quest to produce new models. Last [...]

BMW speaks of incentives, profits and future

Given the company’s ever constant presence at the top of the luxury car market pile you’d have to admit that BMW knows a little bit about finances. So what do they have to tell us right about now on the sales and profits fronts? Well, something rather unexpected. The Bavarian company’s economic leaders have come [...]

BMW to hit annual sales target ahead of schedule

Last year, BMW announced that they have set themselves quite the goal for annual sales in the future. The plan called for two million units moved per year. Having taken a proper look at the figures they had last year and the ones they’ve been having since the beginning of this one, it seems like [...]

F10 BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid pricing announced in Detroit

The Detroit Motor Show was expected to be a bit of a snoozefest yet it’s turning out to be anything but. Apart from recently telling us about the F10 BMW M5 getting a manual, the Bavarians have more to share. This time however, the focus falls on the more considerate member of the family, the [...]

BMW 6 Series Coupe priced under £60K in the UK

The Germans from BMW announced the pricing of the new 6 Series Coupe for the British market. The third generation 6 Series was revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year and is expected to hit the British showrooms at the end of this week. The most affordable version of the German model is [...]

2012 BMW M5 (F10) priced from €102,700 in Germany, £73,040 in the UK

BMW UK decided to reveal the pricing and availability details for the fifth generation M5, a model fully introduced few weeks ago. According to the official details, the new BMW M5 is priced from £73,040 in the UK while the German customers will have to pay €102,700 for the base model. The 2012 BMW M5 [...]

BMW announces detailed information on the ActiveE limited series

As you probably know, the electric model known as ActiveE which is based on the current 1 Series Coupe will be available starting this fall in a limited series of around 700 units. Earlier this year, the Bavarians from BMW released the official pricing for the new electric ActiveE, and in the same time, announced [...]

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