Report: U.S. Market Will Not Receive BMW`s FWD 2-Series Active Tourer and 2-Series Grand Tourer

Report: U.S. Market Will Not Receive BMW`s FWD 2-Series Active Tourer and 2-Series Grand Tourer

Bad news for BMW FWD model fans, as the Bavarian carmaker will not bring the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and the 2-Series Gran Tourer in the United States. The company has not made an official statement on that matter, but a recent report from Automotive News Europe states the situation. [...]

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BMW 2-Series 218i Coupe Three-Cylinder Launched

BMW 2-Series 218i Coupe Three-Cylinder Launched

The BMW 218i Coupe version has recently received a 3-cylinder configuration for its 1.5-liter turbo petrol unit, meaning that the model will come with a good choice of 136 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. If you think that the BMW 218i Coupe is not outputting such an impressive power [...]

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2015 BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M

The New BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M – Technical Specifications

Here we are back with some fresh info about the sensational 2015 BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M, revealing some of their technical details, in terms of power, transmission, stability, steering, braking system and so on. We already know that the two premium SUVs are equipped with the company`s [...]

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Future BMW M6

BMW Boss Friedrich Nitschke Talks about Future BMW M Products and Models

Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the future BMW M boss, has big plans with the M division, announcing a lot of new M components, naturally aspirated engines or the upcoming of BMW i8 M. First off, the former Audi-quattro boss, Friedrich Nitschke intends to reinvent the BMW M models, by launching all-wheel [...]

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2016 BMW M2

2016 BMW M2 Reportedly Coming with High-Performance

The 2016 BMW M2 is ending up in our news again, this time with some new information released by Auto Bild, stating that the sports car will come with a higher performance than originally believed. According to Auto Bild, the 2016 M2 is worthy of being the successor of the [...]

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2015 BMW M3 Coupe by Dinan

2015 BMW M3 and M4 Coming with Power Upgrades from Dinan

The American aftermarket specialists from the Dinan Engineering tuning have recently announced some power upgrades for 2015 BMW M3 and M4. We are talking here about the Dinar`s Dinantronics Performance Tuner, which would maximized the increase of torque on both M3 and M4. Dinan Engineering have also announced that their [...]

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BMW 5-Series 518d

BMW 5-Series 518d and 520d Coming with Engine Upgrades

The BMW German based automaker has announced some significant upgrades in terms of performance for the 5-Series 518d and 520d versions. First off, the BMW 518d has received the fresh 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo diesel, now developing 150 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque, which is 6 horsepower more than the [...]

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BMW 220d Coupe

BMW 220d Coupe Powered by New Engine

The BMW German based automaker is on a constant upgradable process with its models, with the 220d Coupe version also to receive a significant change in power. The BMW 220d Coupe has received some important powertrain upgrades, dropping the 2.0-liter diesel unit and receiving a fresh new and more powerful [...]

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2015 BMW X5 M

2015 BMW X5 M Reported to Come with 600 Horsepower

Rumors have been stating for some time that the future 2015 BMW X5 M high-end model, might come with some significant upgrades under the hood, significant enough to make its V8 unit twin-turbo output a rough 600 horsepower. This would be quite an important upgrade carried out to the already [...]

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BMW 5-Series

BMW adds new 2.0-liter engines to the 5-Series lineup

BMW announced two new 2.0-liter diesel engines that will be available on the current 5-Series starting this summer. The BMW 518d will get the 148hp version while a more potent 188hp engine will be seen on the BMW 520d. If you opt for the entry-level unit of these two, sprinting [...]

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BMW 2010-2012 Models Back in Factory for Loose Bolts

BMW 2010-2012 Models Back in Factory for Loose Bolts

The BMW German luxury car manufacturer has issued a factory recall for its 2010-2012 models, which seems to have issued with its bolts. The factory recall is available for particular vehicles being equipped with inline six-cylinder units, with around 156,130 being called back in factory all over the US. The [...]

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BMW Recall

BMW expands its recent massive recall

We mentioned last week that the German car maker BMW has issued a huge recall in China, involving a large portion of the sedans, the SUVs and even the Z4 roadster. The issue involved an engine bolt with a manufacturing fault, which, in a few cases, can come loose and [...]

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Engine Control System

BMW to recall 232.098 units in China

Last year BMW pushed hard into the new market on the Asian continent. I am speaking about the Chinese market, which has opened wide in the last period. Unfortunately for the German car maker, it seems that their start in China was a bit flawed. A massive recall has been [...]

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BMW - Brilliance

BMW will be expanding their engine production in China

I can’t help but think that the more or less subtle war between the three German automotive giants is the reason they all offer splendid models and services. While you can’t really point to any one of them and say he has won it, each year can bring new victories [...]

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Toyota Uses BMW Diesel to Skyrocket Verso Model

Toyota Uses BMW Diesel to Skyrocket Verso Model

BMW`s rival, Toyota has recently partnered with the German based automaker to equip the future Verso model with a diesel engine. Even if the two automakers are rivals, collaboration between competitors are common when it comes to buy something from another, in order to be successful. And Toyota really needs [...]

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BMW S55 3 liter engine

S55 3 liter biturbo engine presented at Detroit

When BMW announced that they will be dropping the S65 4 liter V8 engine, a lot of fans reacted quite badly, as the engine was the heart and soul of their ride. On the other hand, there are those that are all for the new 3 liter S55 engine set [...]

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BMW to Set Engine Plants in North America

BMW to Set Engine Plants in North America

The BMW car manufacturer from Munich, Germany is setting up the scene for some engine plants in North America, as a part of the BMW`s plans of expansion in the US, in order to better cope with the high demands from the American territories. The BMW is also planning to [...]

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2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe

BMW expands engine lineup for X5 and 4 Series

The Bavarians at BMW announced their plans to expand the engine range of the 2014 BMW X5 as well as the BMW 4 Series Coupe. To begin with, the BMW 420i is powered by a 184-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit alongside two new diesels powerplants. These units are capable to deliver [...]

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BMW Launch Control

BMW to use launch control in more models

The most powerful cars out there use a certain feature to put the horses they muster down on the road. It is called a launch control, and it makes life easier driving race cars and even production vehicles. Traditionally, the German car maker BMW only uses launch control on the [...]

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BMW Brilliance Venture

Brilliance will be using BMW tech to build engines

By now, everyone must have heard about the Brilliance – BMW joint venture that is active on the Chinese market. With so many models coming out on either Chinese or European markets, BMW is hard pressed to keep everything under control. So, in order to control the quality of the [...]

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