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BMW M6 owner destroys his car… again

German car maker BMW has quite a huge world wide fanbase, a thing evident not only in the sheer volume of models they sell each year, but also from the very active community sites. But just because the brand is generally well received everywhere doesn’t mean there isn’t the occasional disgruntled buyer. One such customer [...]

2014 Geneva: Hamann BMW M6 Mirror Unveiled to the Public

The BMW base manufacturer has come out at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with an M6 Gran Coupe, specially customized for the event by the famous Hamann`s Mirror German tuning company. The Hamann had the “ridiculous” idea of painting the BMW M6 and also enhancing some tweaks to get ready for the Swiss event. On [...]

BMW M6 Gran Coupe to Complete the 9-Millionth Unit at Dingolfing Plant

The BMW Groups feels more secured now, when the third generation of the BMW 6 Series has made its important contribution. We are talking about approximately 26,000 units to be sold in 2013 leaving the Dingolfing plant towards destinations around the world. Also, in March last year, the BMW plant celebrated the start of the [...]

BMW M6 to Cost $458,000 in China

The M6 of the BMW`s limited Horse Edition is said to aim at the luxury buyers from China, as the Asian country has become the world`s widest car market, with a lot of potential customers for BMW. The vice president of marketing at BMW in China, mister Clyde Zhu, stated in an interview in Beijing [...]

BMW M5 and M6 Horse Edition Commemorating China`s “Year of the Horse”

The German luxury car manufacturer is on a “worldwide” tour with its two high-end models, the M5 and the M6. It seems that the two models will be sporting a limited Horse Edition, to commemorate in China the beginning of the New Year 2014. Chinese people celebrate the beginning of the New Year on January [...]

BMW treats Chinese market with Horse edition M5 and M6

Ok, I will agree that at first glance, this sounds quite stupid, and even after a thorough analysis it still doesn’t make a lot of sense, but stick with me. First off, we should consider that 2014 is the year of the horse in the Chinese calendar, so that explains the name. We also have [...]

BMW M6 Gran Coupe Safety Car Seen in Paris

That’s unfortunately for me not being in France to see the BMW M6 Gran Coupe totally revealed and exposed to its beauty at the Arch du Triumph. That would have been a real experience for me. Instead, my friends there told me that the BMW M6 Gran Coupe did quite well with all the paparazzi [...]

SLS Hotel in Miami to Receive the BMW i8

As I was attending the LA Auto Show last weekend, I found out about an event that took place at the beautiful SLS Hotel in Miami, and I thought I should share my wonderful experience there. The SLS Hotel took advantage of its wonderful surroundings to be the host of the BMW`s official launch of [...]

BBM Motorsport tunes the BMW M6 Convertible

BBM Motorsport released details and photos on their new tuning kit for the BMW M6 Convertible. To begin with, they offer a special matte steel blue exterior wrap courtesy of SFT Carwrap, 21-inch Breyton Spirit R alloys and a lowered ground clearance thanks to a KW suspension. Under the hood, the 4.4-liter V8 powerplant is [...]

The Evolution of the M Series

BMW M cars have an unbelievable history. The M Series started back in the late 1970s with roadgoing versions of pure racing cars like the original M1 and later the E30 M3. These days, a lot of critics say the “M” doesn’t stand for Motorsport anymore, but they’re still mighty quick and extremely powerful. Do [...]

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