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BWM displays its logo using radial lights on a plane

Nowadays, when you think about BMW, you think about premium vehicles, manufactured in a high quality manner to suit your needs on the road. But just like many other big players in the industry, BMW was not always into building cars. As a matter of fact, even the current BMW badge will give you a [...]

Short history lesson: The BMW Logo

BMW have one of the most popular brands ever and their logo is one of the most easily recognized but very few actually know details on its coming to life. To that extent the purpose of this article is to show a short history lesson to those who don’t know what I’m talking about.

VIDEO: BMW dynamic logo proposed by Zafira T&C

What would you say about a BMW logo whose blue and white “propeller” would rotate in the same time with the wheels of the car? For this question, a British company comes with an interesting proposal. People at Zafira T&C came with an interesting proposal for a possible tomorrow BMW logo. It’s called DCI Project [...]

Details about the new BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport

I have to say that if I would have below 5 years, either that the recommended age is between 0,5 and 3 years old, I would definitely wish such a toy. If my kid would wish such a thing, I would definitely understand him because even right now I am admiring this BMW Baby Race [...]

March 7th – Historical day for BMW

Are you wondering why March 7th is a historical day for BMW? If you are a fan of the brand, you should know. But if you don’t know it’s okay, we’ll explain why. First of all, and the most important thing which happened in March 7th is the union of Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto, [...]

BMW Logo History – BMW Logos during the BMW brand history

BMW Logo History… If you want to know all the logos during the BMW brand history, we now offer you to look at bmw logos and say:”… are cool”. In my opinion the logo of the 1923 BMW looks great than the new one. I do not say that the logo after 2000 is “bad”, [...]

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