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How to Restore Your Car’s Paint to a Perfect Shine

You should take good care of you to restore its paint to a perfect shine. Doing so will enhance its visual appeal and make it appear like one of the NASCAR cars with excellent gloss and upkeep. It will also preserve the resale value of your BMW when you plan to sell it. The following tips will help to restore your car’s paint to a perfect shine:

Wash Your Car

The first step for preparing your BMW for a perfect shine is to wash it thoroughly. You should wash your car using a mild car washing shampoo or solution instead of regular home or kitchen detergent as they can damage the paint. The purpose of washing the car is to remove dirt and wax from the paint. Once the washing is complete, you should dry the BMW by wiping it using a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Old towels or other clothes should not be used for drying the car as they can cause scratches and swirls on the car’s body.

Remove Surface Contaminants

After completing the BMW wash, the next step is to remove any surface contaminants. Surface contaminants can include soot, tar, airborne pollutants, etc. which bond with the car’s paint and become difficult to remove. You can check the car’s body using your hands to check any irregularities or surface contaminants. Clay bar should be used to remove any surface contaminants. You should use clay bar detailing done 3-4 times per year before applying car wax.

Repair Paint Damage

Your car’s paint can get damaged over time due to debris, contaminants, etc. These damaged can be in the form of swirls, scratches, etc. which should be removed in order to get the perfect finish. These paint damages can be removed by applying scratch remover car polish. If your BMW has swirl marks, then you should consider using a swirl remover car polish.

Restore Finish

The next step after repairing major paint damage is to restore the finish clarity. This step brings out the car’s full gloss and shine potential by removing the finer paint damages. You should use an ultra-fine swirl remover polish in this stage to remove the fine paint damages. It is also recommended to buy a rotary or dual-action polisher for getting the best gloss on your BMW. If your car’s paint is in good condition without any finer damages, then you can also skip this step.

Use Sealant and Protect

The subsequent step in restoring the paint of your car to a perfect gloss is to use sealant to protect it. A car polisher gives you the best result, however, if you don’t have one, then apply a thin coat of car wax using a clean microfiber cloth and wipe it thoroughly.

Use Car Wax

The final step is to which results in achieving an unmatched glossy look for your BMW. Applying car wax can bring out an awesome richness of color and gloss. The gloss on your BMW will surely make others take notice of it.


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