New 2018 BMW i3s Tested in Winter Conditions

The BMW i3 has proven to be a reliable electric vehicle. Not only has it proven friendly with the environment, it was also shown to be on par with most fuel based vehicles. With this in mind, the release of the 2018 BMW i3s has gotten most quite hyped. What improvements could make this small electric car even better than its predecessor? Whatever the upgrades, the result was bound to be impressive, and it was. You can tell by looking at the brand new BMW i3s.

It should be known right from the start that the BMW i3s features more power, improved handling and a more sporty appearance. The model’s height was changed. The vehicle has been significantly lowered. Combined with the new 20 inch rims, the BMW i3s looks amazing. This particular model seems to improve just about every aspect of its predecessor. Of course, the ideal test for such vehicles, a test that would stress the vehicle to the maximum, is a run during winter conditions. How was the BMW i3s going to handle winter, keeping in mind it is an electric vehicle?

2018 BMW i3s

With an improved battery capacity and a sportier feel to it, the i3s managed to act normally during winter conditions. Were it not for the general quietness of the vehicle, you could be thinking that what you’re driving is actually a fuel based vehicle. The i3s’ autonomy has been improved as a result of battery capacity upgrade, turning this small electric car model into an even more reliable machine. Still, there will, most likely, be a considerable difference between the i3s’ behavior during winter and the i3’s behavior during spring, summer and autumn. Is the difference significant? No, not really. Improvements were also made to the charging system of the vehicle, thus increasing vehicle charging accessibility.

2018 BMW i3s

The BMW i3s is without a doubt an improvement over the already quite acclaimed i3. With a plethora of improvements, the i3s is a vehicle that will appeal to most people that are still not convinced of electric vehicle efficiency. Competing in performance and behavior with fuel based cars, the BMW i3s is the right purchase if you’re looking to protect the environment without sacrificing functionality. The i3s is the perfect choice for someone looking to invest into the future of automotive culture. The substantial improvements are also guarantees that advancements in the electric car market will continue uninterruptedly.


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