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The BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is a Rare Car Indeed

BMW has already gotten us used to its exclusive models. It is something quite characteristic of such a brand to offer at times factory improved limited versions of its more mundane models. The BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is a different story, though. Only 899 such models were made. The car itself is more than a slight improvement over an already existing model. It is itself a car model that is probably one of the rarest BMW will ever produce.

The outside of the car is rather simple. One thing that will catch your eye, as the name suggests, is the extended body of the car. It looks quite interesting. The 20” rims on this particular model give the car a more stylish aspect. The metallic gray paintjob is just right for a car like this. It is not flashy at all. In fact, it contributes to the stylish look of the car. The car’s exterior is in perfect condition. You can’t tell that this BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is almost 17 years old.

The BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is a Rare Car Indeed

While the interior has probably more signs of the car’s age in comparison with the exterior, it too looks well maintained. With this particular BMW variant of the car a lot of gadgets have been included. Apart from the standard CD player, a multifunction steering wheel, a satellite navigation system and electric comfort rear seats were added. The car itself was clearly designed to offer as much comfort as possible. Nothing seems to be exaggerated with the interior design. Just like the exterior the car’s interior is stylish, but not flashy.

The BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is a Rare Car Indeed

The engine of the BMW 750i XL L7 V12, as the name may suggest, is a 5.4 liter V12 that outputs 321HP. With such an engine the car is as fast as it is stylish. The only problem with this powerful engine is that it may cause over steer for this particular model on account of the car being rear-wheel drive. Add to this the extended body of the car and stability could really prove to be an issue at higher speeds with the BMW 750i XL L7 V12.

The BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is a Rare Car Indeed

The price tag for this particular BMW 750i XL L7 V12 is 26.500 dollars. Without a doubt, for what you get, this vehicle is well priced and will probably catch the attention of some car collector. Having been run only 19.800km, the car has not been used a lot. This, in fact, proves why this particular BMW was kept in such a good shape.


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