BMW X2 Hologram Presentation Courtesy of Microsoft

When you think of Microsoft’s revolutionary HoloLens you imagine it as part of a cool game experience involving anything but cars. As it happens, BMW has teamed with Microsoft in order to bring an interesting virtual experience of the BMW X2 as part of an interesting advertising strategy.

The main goal of this particular partnership is to make the BMW X2 more visible to the public. In this way any individual can familiarize himself with this particular model. You can check out the car as a whole or analyze bits and pieces that went into the car design. No matter how you look at it, this partnership seems to have created quite a revolutionary new way of exploring a car before purchasing.

BMW X2 Hologram Presentation Courtesy of Microsoft

Why Microsoft and their product? The answer lies probably in the technology used. Seeing as it provides most mobility and allows interaction between virtual and real objects, the HoloLens seems like the best choice. The partnership with Microsoft is also BMW’s attempt at showing its interest in the high-tech area. By doing this, BMW attempts to attract a younger, more dynamic segment of customers, convincing the individuals within this public to purchase a BMW vehicle model.

BMW X2 Hologram Presentation Courtesy of Microsoft

Regardless of how you look at it, this partnership seems to be a total success. It should be noted that through this particular project, Microsoft, also has the opportunity to reach the BMW fan segment. It is a collaboration out of which both parts seem to have some sort of gain. This is one of the reasons this particular partnership seems well balanced. Will BMW include other models in this particular project? This is something that remains to be seen.

BMW X2 Hologram Presentation Courtesy of Microsoft

No matter how you look at it, the partnership between BMW and Microsoft is successful. The results speak for themselves. While this project has not yet reached its highest developing point, it still sends the message of a promising, interactive experience that BMW should be willing to implement for each and every model it produces, not just the BMW X2. For Microsoft, this particular project proves the capabilities of the HoloLens in regards to the automotive industry. It wouldn’t actually be surprising for Microsoft to partner with other important automakers in order to further develop this type of project. For now, this particular project is specifically tied to BMW and its X2 model. No matter how this will evolve, the success o the idea is already ensured.


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