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MY Car Check 2016 Report

In 2016, My Car Check conducted research, to see which BMW got the most searches for a . The top model was the BMW M3. My Car Check data showed the following results:

Top colours for the M3 were blue, black and silver, which showed 11.07%, of warnings due to plate transfers and had an average value of £5,961. A plate transfer warning is shown when the vehicle owner changes the registration, for example, a private or personalized plate .

Fuel economy and performance hardly go together; the M3 is not very efficient. The 6-speed manual does 17 mpg city, 26 mpg motorway and 20 mpg combined. The 7-speed automatic does 17 mpg city, 24mpg motorway, 19 mpg combined. More specs .

The BMW M3 is a real weapon, a four-door high performance sports car, which is the first to have turbochargers. BMW have replaced the V8 engine, with the twin-turbos to improve efficiency.

Overall, the car does not look very different compared to the 3-Series, but produces a lot more power under the bonnet and has a sportier look.

Having said that if people do not want to go for the more expensive option, they can always go for the BMW 3 series, which has a similar look but is less powerful. The 3 series will be more fuel and environmental efficient and great for them long journeys.


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