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4 Futuristic Trends to Look For

The automotive industry has changed so much since the unveiling of the Model T in 1908. With each passing year, we see changes happening faster all the time. Currently, we are hearing more and more about bio-diesel friendly vehicles, self-driving cars, and cars that will tell you when you are too sleepy to drive. Even the most basic vehicle these days features some sort of automatic gadget that was once considered a luxury item.

The future of the automotive industry looks just as fabulous and high tech as the last 30. Read on to learn more about some upcoming trends and exciting vehicles to keep an eye out for.

The Hoverbike

BMW recently teamed up with Lego Technic and created a hoverbike based on a Lego design! The is a classic mashup of fine engineering while tugging at the child deep within. It’s a playful piece of machinery that has a gorgeous sleek design. It provides freedom to go where you want and when you want.

When will it be available? BMW has no plans to manufacture the hoverbike; it’s simply a concept design. Does that mean it will never be on the market? No. Who knows what the future holds? For now, let’s just enjoy the beauty of the machine and hope we see it one day.


Can you imagine stepping into your vehicle and it drives you where you need to go? Well, that may not be too far in the future. We already are notified if something is too close when we back up. We also have cars that tell us when we are drifting into another lane. We will also see cars that will stop for us and maybe accelerate when we need them to. At some point, we will be combining all those features into a car that features autopilot.


We have vehicles with OnStar systems that connect us to assistance when we need it. We have vehicles that utilize satellites to offer us commercial free radio. BMW features vehicles that take what is happening in real time and project it into the drivers’ field of vision to assist the driver without interrupting their driving. It is estimated that within 4-6 years, everyone will be accustomed to vehicles that provide us with Wi-Fi so that we can use Google Maps and check email and social networks while out and about.

BMW 5 Series Sedan Business Assistance Systems Parking Assistant

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

This is probably my most favorite feature that is being talked about amongst many manufacturers, the ability for to lower the risk of an accident. There is nothing worse to me than when a driver fails to use a turn signal. Or the driver who suddenly slams on the brakes to make an unexpected turn. Or if a vehicle ahead is suddenly disabled and other vehicles are swerving to avoid them. With vehicle to vehicle communication, those same situations could easily reduce the accidents once the vehicles are letting each other know what is happening.

There are so many cool things in the mix that are on the way. Whether it’s a beautiful design and technology that offers us more freedom, or safety measures heading our way, all of it is well worth the wait. What is the one feature you want to see?


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