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BMW Z5 Announced Before 2020

The BMW Z4 which first saw the daylight in 2009 is now considered to be put off, as the German carmaker is reportedly planning a replacement, under the Z5 moniker.

Even if the Bavarian company has not yet confirmed these plans, some reports emerging on the web state that the so called BMW Z5 would come as the official replacement of the Z4 before 2020. The reason is pretty obvious: the Z4 was not that successful worldwide, as it was only sold out in just 5,300 units in Europe and 2,150 units in the United States, last year alone.



Another reason for dropping down the Z4 and make room for the Z5 moniker is the increasingly development of the “green cars” or of the lightweight material models, which would make them faster, less expensive and more fuel-efficient.

This is why the BMW Z5, even if it will not be the carmaker`s one of the highest priorities, it would come with lightweight materials, like carbon fiber on the roof and on other parts of the body.

More than that, there are also some sources inside BMW`s headquarters, stating that the future BMW Z5 will come with a “more radical front-mid-engine bias.”

This means that we would find a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood, with three powers: 190 HP, 245 HP and 270 HP, with the engines being hooked to a ZF 8-speed automatic or a six-speed manual.


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