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BMW X2 Launched Online in Renderings

The BMW X2 is ending up in our news again, with the model to be launched online in two new renderings signed by the famous designer Theophilus Chin.

The BMW is continuously working on its compact crossover lineup, preparing to launch the future X2 model, especially since the sporty crossover was caught on shots while wearing some camouflage on public roads.



This time, the BMW X2 is not just a mere imagery exercise, as the model will eventually come, perhaps taking its inspiration from these two renderings, with the model to receive a sloping roof line in a three-door body.



Rumors say that the future BMW X2 will come with a front-wheel drive layout, presently found on the 2-Series Active Tourer.

The upcoming X2 will be based on the new-gen X1 as well, which is set to be launched in a few years, with the X2 following shortly.

In terms of technology, it would be logical that the BMW X2 will also come tweaked with the same gizmos inside as its bigger brother, the X1.

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