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Audi and Mercedes Tail BMW by just an Inch

Three German based automaker are claiming the crown of the overall sales, concerning the premium segment, with the Audi and the Mercedes-Benz carmakers to follow the top leader BMW, by just an inch.

The two luxury German carmakers are quickly and closely following BMW, as the latter is only showing a sales increase of around 10%, with 1.03 million cars, for last seven months.

Audi and Mercedes Tail BMW by just an Inch

Audi and Mercedes Tail BMW by just an Inch

The second place is taken by the Audi carmaker, with the company to grow its seven-month sales by 11%, meaning 1.01 million units to be sold.

From the third place, the Mercedes-Benz only managed to increase its deliveries for the same seven-month period by 13%, meaning 920,000 units sold.

But right now, the differences between the three uncrowned kings is extremely low and BMW will have to reflect on the gaps that are filled up by Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Overall percentage, we are talking about an increase of 77,000 units in 2014 for BMW, 101,000 cars to be sold by Audi, while the Mercedes-Benz managed to sell around 100,000 units, compared to the same period last year.


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