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MINI Shuts Down the Clubman

The BMW`s subsidiary MINI has recently decided to shut down production for the Clubman model, even if the upcoming model is still set to hit the market.

The MINI Clubman will be shut down, even if its replacement is one year away of the official launch.

MINI Clubman

MINI Clubman

The company hasn’t made any official announcement yet, but the word about the news just spread out due to the Dutch publication Telegraaf, which has confirmed that the Clubman would be put off.

Until next year, when the replacement would eventually take its place, the British carmaker is already planning to introduce a concept model that would offer us a preview of the upcoming Clubman.

The MINI Clubman concept will not see the light day at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, this October, but it will surely make us happy next year, during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

The replacement of the future Clubman is set to be 26 cm longer, and 17 cm wider than the present model, presuming to come with more space inside.


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