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BMW i3 Coming i DC Fast Charger

With the BMW i3 electric and the company`s first plug-in hybrid i8 to conquer the worldwide market in electric drive technology, the automaker is offering its clients the possibility of a smaller and faster battery charger, called the i DC fast charger.

We might call this the speedy battery charger or the DC, which allows the unit to reach an 80% charge in just 30 minutes, offering a quick charger in case of emergency leaves.

BMW i3 with i DC Fast Charger

BMW i3 with i DC Fast Charger

The fast battery charger will also be smaller in size, just like a small refrigerator, coming now available for the i3 electric, at the price of $6,548.

Robert Healey, the EV Infrastructure Manager at BMW North America, stated that this is only a first step in developing a fast charging infrastructure.

“BMW is offering the BMW i DC Fast Charger at an appealing price point, and more manageable size, to make the convenience of DC fast charging more accessible for BMW i3 owners”, Healey further stated.

The BMW`s first i DC will be first unveiled at the 2014 Plug-In, a conference held for all electric vehicles.


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