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BMW X1 M Performance SUV Rumored

Every BMW model that comes out of the company`s plant doors is rumored to be followed, if successful, by an M Performance version, which is also the case of the X1 model, also rumored to come in the shape of an M Performance SUV.

Up until now, the representatives from BMW have had a rather strange position, as they seemed a little bit ambiguous about the idea of launching or not launching an X1 M Performance SUV.

BMW X1 M Performance SUV Rumored

BMW X1 M Performance SUV Rumored

More than that, Jorg Bartels, the chief executive at the M Performance, has also vaguely stated that the company is taking into consideration an M Performance version for every model.

To quote Bartel, “I will say again what the boss of BMW M has stated in the past – all BMWs are eligible for an M model. We will see how Audi and Mercedes go with that”.

In case it would eventually arrive, an M Performance SUV for the X1 model would compete against the Audi RS Q3 or the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG.

To be a reminder, the next-gen BMW X1 will hit the market in 2015, with the model also supposed to come with a front-wheel drive layout as well.


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