US and Australian markets not yet ready for BMW’s laser headlights

BMW is not the car maker that pioneered laser headlights, but they managed to become the first manufacturer to fit them on production vehicles.

In fact, they were neck in neck with Audi for a while, but manage to deliver the vehicles first.



This is a step forwards for the automotive industry, albeit not a very big one, as this is not such a leap forward. Still, there are a couple of markets out there that are not ready to receive such vehicles. Surprisingly enough, these are two of the larger ones, namely the US and Australian markets.

While Australia is now in the process of homologating the laser headlights, no word has been received from the US market. It is not uncommon for new products to encounter difficulties when faced with the somewhat old laws and regulations. Let’s hope US will also sort this out and not force BMW to change the headlight on the i8.


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