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Google Glass Let`s you Explore BMW i8

In case you`re traveling a lot in Germany these days, then you`d better not forget to stop by at the Munich airport, where chances are to explore the BMW i8 through a unique way, with the help of Google Glass.

The Google Glasses will literally take you to a completely new dimension, into a virtual world that let you explore the i8, look at the hybrid`s technical status, get information about the car`s laser headlights, about the role of carbon fiber on the car and much more.

Google Glass Let`s you Explore BMW i8

Google Glass Let`s you Explore BMW i8

Stefanie Wurst, the Director of Marketing at BMW Group, Germany, stated that the BMW i8 will set the ground for any future advancements from now on, making thus possible the usage of more experiential formats, like it is the case with the Google Glasses, which will be put in more selected airports from Europe or Germany.

Google Glass Let`s you Explore BMW i8

Google Glass Let`s you Explore BMW i8

On the other side, Carola Erlewein, the Director of Marketing Communications at BMW Group, Germany declared in some press releases that everyone traveling through Munich these days, will have the chance to experience the BMW i8 “in the context of an innovation journey interactively with Google Glass”.

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