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Video: BMW M4 F82 Receives Exhaust System from Akrapovic

The famous exhaust system builder Akrapovic has managed to equip the BMW M4 F82 sportscar with an outstanding exhaust system.

The Akrapovic builder has also launched a video and some photos with the BMW M4 F82 model showing the sportscar bearing the exhaust system in some “different tips and color scheme”.

BMW M4 F82 Receives Exhaust System from Akrapovic

BMW M4 F82 Receives Exhaust System from Akrapovic

The color range and the exhaust system itself was customized so that the BMW M4 F82 would use it while being on tracks, meaning that the system is lowered than an average one.

The exhaust system seen on the BMW M4 F82 tweaked by Akrapovic comes in two versions, meaning with a stainless steel system one and a lightweight titanium version with some carbon tips.

The video is also showing a look at the BMW M4`s decibels and tone while revving the engine.

The Akrapovic exhaust system builder has also tweaked a whole lot of other BMW models, like the F30 335i, the sportscar receiving an exhaust system with two central link pipes and carbon fiber tailpipes.

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