BMW 3-Series

BMW 320d xDrive DCT Gets Tested

The most popular model of the BMW`s 3-Series, the 320d xDrive with an 8-speed automatic transmission, has been put for some serious testing.

The BMW 320d xDrive DCT has revealed its high-performance due to its great 2.0-liter diesel engine, which develops 184 horsepower at 4,000 rpm alongside a 380 peak of torque, at only 1,750 rpm.

BMW 3-Series 320d xDrive DCT

BMW 3-Series 320d xDrive DCT

The 6the generation 3-Series tested here is equipped with a DCT (dual-clutch) automatic transmission with 8 gears, which makes the ride enjoyable without even noticing the smooth change of the gears.

BMW 3-Series 320d xDrive DCT

BMW 3-Series 320d xDrive DCT

Also, when putting the car in Eco Pro mode for instance, the gears will be changed at around 1,800 rpm when reaching the “optimum urban driving speed”. Another mode is available, which is the Comfort mode, which can be activated each time you push the start or the stop button.

If you like speed however, you can also switch to Sport mode, while the 320d xDrive would come alive; don’t expect high performance, after all, it is not an M3 or M4 version.


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