Wiki8 goes live, unfortunately only for German speakers

You guys know about wikipedia, right? It’s that magic place you go to grab some original information for the paper due tomorrow.

All jokes aside, wikipedia is pretty much the biggest information base gathered in one place on the internet.

BMW Wiki8

BMW Wiki8

It has something about everything, and is successful enough to spawn dedicated pages for various things. In a similar fashion, BMW decided to build a Wiki8 site, which is also an information database, but a very focused one. As you might have guessed, it has information about the BMW i8.

The Wiki8 site has every detail about the i8 that you could desire, but one major flaw is apparent from the start. Unless you speak German, you will have a hard time navigating the site, and apart from the pretty pictures and videos, not much information will get through. But if you do speak German, the Wiki8 site is the place to find out everything about the hybrid sportscar, BMW i8.


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