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The BMW X6 is here, has its own film

The BMW X6 has seen quite a lot of media coverage this past couple of weeks, be it bits of information or spy shots.

Now, the Bavarian manufacturer decided it is time it got its very own launch film.

BMW X6 launch film

BMW X6 launch film

This is not new practice, and for those accustomed to BMW, the video came as no surprise. The introduction film is quite big, at 2.55 minutes, and it has plenty of awesome shots of the X6, both inside and out. But other than that, no real information was given to the general public.

BMW X6 launch film

BMW X6 launch film

It’s just basically a lot of driving with a few scenes that don’t really make any sense. If there is something I gathered about the market segment it is aimed at, it has to be the fact that this is the SUV for the middle aged businessman who owns at least one mansion with a pool, a helicopter and a yacht. But you can decide for yourself, as the video is just below.


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