BMW and Audi are at it again over the laser headlights

The various disputes between BMW, Mercedes and Audi have managed to bring us not just awesome new techs, but also some funny moments in the advertisement war.

And if you recall, not so long ago, Audi and BMW started laying down claims for the first production car to sport laser headlights.

BMW i8 Laser Headlights

BMW i8 Laser Headlights

Well, with the first BMW i8 units already delivered, it seems that Audi has to accept defeat on this front. But since we all know Germans can be sore losers, Audi has already presented their rebuke. Now, after losing the “first production car to sport laser headlights” title, they move on to grab “the fastest series car to use laser high beams” title.

Audi fronts the new R8 LMX as the vehicle to bear the honors, and after a quick look as the stats, you will find that the latest claim is actually true, save for BMW upping the i8 motivation unit. Still, the laser headlights battle is already lost, and every model to come after the i8 will no longer have the innovation thing about it.


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