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BMW Z2 Hits the Web in First Renderings

The BMW`s long-expected Z2 model is more and more brought into the spotlights, this time with some first real renderings hitting the web.

We already know that the BMW German based automaker is on the verge of launching a Z2 entry-level roadster, and the renderings offered by the famous designer Theophilus Chin, help us get a closer look at the car.



Even if the company hasn’t yet announced the forthcoming of the Z2, the two renderings, being based on the Zagato Roadster Concept, basically show us how the roadster would look like.



As a general idea, the future BMW Z2 will ride on the same platform that the Z4 is already using and will be hinted at the now famous Mazda MX-5.

More than riding alongside the Z4, the Z2`s platform will have a front-wheel drive unit, the same that can also be seen on the 2014 MINI Cooper.

What we don’t know is the engine lineup that the Z2 will be using, but rumors state that there would be some 3- and 4-cylinder petrol units powering the roadster.

The BMW luxury automaker has recently launched the 2-Series Active Tourer and the Z2 roadster will be actually the second FWD version produced by the carmaker.


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