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James May Planning to Buy BMW i3 REx

The one man show, James May, the host of one of the most popular car show, has big plans concerning the purchase of a BMW i3 REx (Range Extender).

Even if James May is that critic that really pulls the heart of every car, when it comes to hybrids and electric vehicles, nobody can stand up to him.

BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 REx

The decision of buying his own BMW i3 REx came after May drove the i3 a some weeks ago, alongside Hammond and Clarkson. He also announced his intention during an interview with BBC Radio 4.

To be a reminder, the BMW i3 electric is coming in two versions, such as the full electric or the REx (Range Extender) version.

The BMW i3 REx is more expensive than the full electric, since it comes with a more significant power and drive range, that in comparison with the standard one.

We might be talking thus about an electric motor, developing 170 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque, with the unit being hooked to a single-speed transmission that sends the power to the rear wheels.

There is also a 650cc two-cylinder petrol burner added as a range extender and which develops an extra 34 horsepower.


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