BMW could offer more powerful batteries for the i3 model

For most electric cars out there, the biggest problem still remains range, and this applies to the new BMW i3, too.

In its standard guise, the BMW i3 can reach 135 km, a respectable distance for the small car intended for city use.

BMW i3

BMW i3

If that seems too little for you, the i3 also comes with a range extender variant. The range extender is basically a motorcycle engine in the back that acts like a generator, instead of delivering power directly to the wheels. But what if you want more miles and still care to remain 100% clean?

BMW i3

BMW i3

Well, nothing official was announced by German car maker BMW, but their Spanish site might have let slip a bit of information. During a BMW i3 configuration, a user noticed an interesting option called “Bateria de mayor potencia”, which basically means a more powerful battery. Could this slip-up be a preview of things to come or just an unfortunate error on their part? I guess we will know in the weeks to come.


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