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BMW Group Still Plans Big for Second Quarter 2014

Nobody is debating the leading position that the BMW Group has also taken for the 2014 year, but the German based luxury maker doesn’t rest on its laurels and still thinks big ahead, for the second quarter 2014.

Thus, CEO Norbert Reithofer stated in a shareholders meeting the other days, that the 2014 up ahead would also bring other fruitful opportunities for the group.

BMW Group Still Plans Big for Second Quarter 2014

BMW Group Still Plans Big for Second Quarter 2014

“Investment secures our future. Our economic success, innovation and financial strength provide us with the latitude we need to make those investments,” Reithofer also added.

Speaking of the shareholders meeting the BMW Group had a couple of days ago, all members voted for raising dividends, with a record value of 2,60 euros per share, while 2,62 was set for each preferred share.

Thus, the BMW Groups aims at launching an extra 2 million units worldwide for the second quarter of 2014, with the target that would have been reached two years up-ahead.

The BMW Group`s growth plans in Europe as well, might push the European market to an earlier recovery, with also an increase in demand in the company`s other major markets, like China and North America.


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