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BMW Vision Gran Turismo presented to the world

BMW is not your garden variety car maker, a fact proven not just by their sales figures, but also by their variety of models and their success.

They go so far as to even create vehicles for the virtual world only, more specifically, for the Gran Turismo 6 video game.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

In charge of the project was BMW Group Design, and the result was recently presented to the world. Bearing the name BMW Vision Gran Turismo, the virtual racer has all the feature becoming of a true BMW, with inspiration drawn from the latest of their models, with emphasis on the 2 Series.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

The German manufacturer even went so far as to provide full specs for the virtual car, with the 3.0 liter M TwinPower Turbo engine churning out some 541 Hp and 680 Nm. The weight is 1.180 kg, a low number helped achieved by numerous carbon fiber trims. The end result is so good, you almost wished this was a real model. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy the BMW Vision Gran Turismo on Playstation 3.


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