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BMW will invest an additional $200 million into CFRP

CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) is, by some, an amazing product and by others, a big gamble that BMW just happened to win.

Either way, it is well known that the material was developed for use in the i models, as a cheaper version of the regular carbon fiber, with a huge investment from the German car maker.



The success of both the i models and the material itself spurred BMW on to further invest into it. The latest manages to reach $200 million, all of which will be used to expand the Moses Lake plant in charge of producing CFRP. The new wing is expected to be done by 2015, and once it will be operational, it will make the plant the largest carbon fiber producing unit in the world.

Right now, the plant is good for about 3000 tons of CFRP each year, with plans to increase it to 6000 tons by the end of 2014. The new wing will bring an additional 3000 tons a year, raising the total to 9000 tons. 120 workers will be needed for the new wing, and with such impressive quantities of CFRP projected, most BMW models are expected to wear in one form or another.


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