Two BMW M3s duke it out on the track

We all enjoy a nice drag race, and if you are a BMW enthusiasts, chances are that when a Bimmer beats another brand, you immediately display a smile.

But what happens when both sides of the confrontation sport a model from the German car maker? Who do you root for?

E46 and E92 BMW M3

E46 and E92 BMW M3

The video below will give the chance to find out exactly that. And to make sure it’s harder still, both BMW models are M3s, albeit different generations. This drag race was arranged between the older E46 BMW M3 and the relatively new E92 BMW M3.

In stock form, guessing the winner would not be that hard, but, as luck would have it, both of these cars have see some work done to them, and now develop some impressive amounts of power. The newer E92 BMW M3 churns out some 711 Hp, and if you think that is a lot, keep in mind that the E46 BMW M3 is actually more powerful, with 800 Hp under the hood. Luckily, power isn’t everything in a drag race.


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