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One way to ruin a BMW 1M

There are plenty of photos and videos out there where one BMW or another managed to find its end in quite brutal accidents.

And be it on the Nurburgring or just in a back alley, be it the fault of the driver or something else, it is always a sad sight for enthusiasts.

Tuning Pur BMW 1M

Tuning Pur BMW 1M

But there is one way of destroying a perfectly good Bimmer without putting a scratch on it. Usually these equally gruesome ends come at the hands of tuners, who try too hard to improve on the design, when there is really no need to. As a home project, we can almost understand that, but why would a professional tuner actually do this to a BMW 1M.

Tuning Pur BMW 1M

Tuning Pur BMW 1M

The 1M is already considered a rare car, with only 6331 unit ever produced, and every time one botches a tune on these, that number just goes down. There are, of course, several project involving the BMW 1M that are absolutely brilliant, and these come from tuners like AC Schnitzer. This monstrosity draped in chrome vinyl wrap and wearing green neon wheels is anything but brilliant.


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