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BMW i3 Reaching US First Costumer, Coming with EPA-rated 81-mile range

We cannot image the happy face of the first US customer that has recently received the keys of the BMW i3. The customer is Charles Rabie, a professor at Tufts University, who got the electric from the BMW`s dealership in Boston.

Others will follow to get the long-expected BMW i3, with a flood of deliveries to be carried out at the Port Jersey Vehicle Distribution Center in Jersey City, NJ.

BMW i3 Reaching US First Costumer

BMW i3 Reaching US First Costumer

The pictures here showing professor Rabie in his long-awaited BMW i3 electric, give us a closer look at the car, while the professor is taking the car out for a spin to show how far the EPA will be going with its full charge 22-kWh battery.

BMW i3 Reaching US First Costumer

BMW i3 Reaching US First Costumer

Dave Buchko, the chief at BMW Corporate Communications said in an interview that the “government agency has given the i3 an official range rating of 81 miles.”

Perhaps the professor will not have some strange experiences in dealing with the sub-100 mile range, since we are talking about a former BMW ActiveE driver, with a lot of opportunity on his behalf of driving a battery-powered vehicle.


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