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Video: BMW M5 Shows Off at the 30th Anniversary

BMW M5 is receiving some special attention these days, as it has already turned 30, with the German luxury manufacturer paying its tribute and launching a video with the M5 showing off.

With the M5 at its 30, the BMW manufacturer is also looking back at the previous models, stating that there will be a surprise coming soon enough.

2014 BMW M5

2014 BMW M5

The first time the M5 was created was back in 1985, being the most expensive model at that time for the company. The model was also the fastest four-door sedan in the world, since it sported a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine, developing a great 282 horses.

2014 BMW M5

2014 BMW M5

Now, the next generation of the M5 is fast approaching and the Germans will have to come up with the top of the line sedan that will throttle the company even higher.

2014 BMW M5

2014 BMW M5

But until then and until all the five-generations of the M5 will have been chronicled, the BMW manufacturer will not reveal the surprise.

Expect an anniversary M5 model by the end of the year. Until then, feel free to enjoy the video that the guys from have provided us with.


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