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BMW Planning to Bring 3-Series Production in the US

Slowly but surely, BMW is planning to bring its entire fleet to the US, after recently announcing that is on the verge of building an X7 crossover at Spartanburg, the automaker`s plant in the US.

More than that, the BMW is also rumored to manufacture the second-generation 3-Series in the US, with new locations to settle down, like Mexico.

BMW Planning to Bring 3-Series Production in the US

BMW Planning to Bring 3-Series Production in the US

The famous Bloomberg publication managed to have an inside interview with the BMW production chief, Harald Krueger, stating that the decision of launching a “new playground” would be decided in the upcoming months.

Krueger continues saying that “on the North American continent, there’s still potential”.

In case BMW will decide to build a factory in Mexico, it will have to face the Audi Company again, after its rival has already announced its presence there.

As for the X7 crossover, the car is manufactured in Spartanburg alone, with the version to be sold worldwide, due to the $1 billion investment in the plant by 2016.

Thus, the BMW automaker is aiming to boom its production, up to 450,000 from the present 300,000 units.

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