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BMW Driving Experience done in Sweden

For all the benefits rear wheel drive vehicles have, there is one big flaw people just can’t wait to point out.

I am talking about the possibility of the rear to slide out, making for a potentially dangerous situation. And the more power the car has, the more likely it is to happen.

BMW Driving Experience

BMW Driving Experience

BMW’s M Division cars tend to fit quite snugly into such a category, so the car maker makes sure that anyone willing to learn how to control the beast has the option of doing so via the BMW Driving Experience program. The latest course was hosted by Sweden, and after clearing a nice track on ice, they let loose a few M3s.

BMW Driving Experience

BMW Driving Experience

Of course, this was done purely as a learning experience, but it’s hard not to enjoy yourself when you are drifting a BMW M3. Just to be on the safe side, though, the Bimmers were fitted with spiked tires, just in case all the electronics the cars come with are pushed beyond their limits.


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