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How carbon fiber is used on a BMW i3

The BMW i3 electric city car was not just an EV from BMW, but an innovation for the whole automotive industry.

Or, at least, that is what the German car maker kept saying ever since they announced it last year and, for the most part, they were spot on.

BMW CFRP Production

BMW CFRP Production

One of the many innovations, and a pretty important one at that, is the CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), which they developed, becoming a cheap way to widely use carbon fiber in a car. As such, the whole of the BMW i3 passenger cabin is built from the material.

BMW CFRP Production

BMW CFRP Production

In fact, the CFRP was such a success, it became an important material for pretty much every other BMW model that followed. Some might suggest the CFRP was a gamble for BMW, as the initial research and development took a big chunk of BMW’s capital, but I believe it turned out well for the manufacturer.

BMW CFRP Production

BMW CFRP Production

Now, with the BMW i3 already on the market, and already a big success, BMW decided to share with us a bit of the inside procedure that turns a single strand of carbon fiber into the full hull of the i3. Enjoy the video below.


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