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BMW CS Vintage Concept

The BMW German based manufacturer has recently partnered with famous designer David Obendorfer to put into action a daring concept like the CS Vintage.

Obendorfer says that the CS Vintage Concept is a mixture between the BMW`s 2000CS and its E9 chassis, all two being put on a modern platform.

BMW CS Vintage Concept

BMW CS Vintage Concept

The BMW CS Vintage Concept has a shark-nose front and four round headlights, which is a recall of the styling that BMW has defined on its later CS models.

The CS Vintage Concept`s shape comes with a jutting hood and a set of four LED headlights, being all together mixed up to form a complete profile of the concept.

BMW CS Vintage Concept

BMW CS Vintage Concept

More than that, the fusion between classic and future is perfectly balanced through the concept`s Hofmeister Kink at the rear pillar with the BMW Roundel.

“The design with the four round headlights has proved to be a winning style pattern that BMW has been carrying on for over 35 years,” says Obendorfer.

BMW CS Vintage Concept

BMW CS Vintage Concept

As for the concept`s interior, this might be regarded as being minimalistic enough with its “expanse of wood” on its dashboard that beautifully enhances the infotainment system of the car.

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