BMW to design Malaysia metro

Today, BMW is a world wide known giant, and not just in the automotive industry. After all, it would be a waste not to take advantage of the acumen gathered throughout the years.

So, it comes as no surprise when it was announced that BMW will be designing new metro trains for Malaysia.

Malaysia BMW Metro Trains

Malaysia BMW Metro Trains

In a crowded country like Malaysia, cars are almost pointless when it comes to daily commute. Therefore, a well planned metro system is much more advantageous to both civilians and authorities. And if you are going to invest into new trains, you might as well make sure they are worth it.

Malaysia BMW Metro Trains

Malaysia BMW Metro Trains

Design wise, BMW has some very interesting ideas, like making use of LED lighting to both keep power consumption low but also to create the illusion of a spacious environment even in such a train, which is destined to transport thousands of passengers each day.

The only down side of this whole project is the fact that BMW will not be in charge of the full production. After the design is finished, another company will take over, and hopefully, they will manage to bring to life the product BMW imagined without altering too much.


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