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Video: BMW i8`s Engine Roaring

The BMW seems to like playing with its flagships` engines, as they can actually add some faking sound generators to their cars.

And the one responsible for this is nobody than the i8 that can actually run silently without being noticed by the pedestrians.

2014 BMW i8

2014 BMW i8

The engine that can be found under the hood, is a three-cylinder unit with a turbocharged system that can really put some muscles into it.

The video shown reveals the inside of a pre-production BMW i8 with a fake sound-generating. There is also an Active Sound Design system that can be disabled for testing purposes.

Why would anybody add a system inside the car if it is able to produce such a noise? It seems that is a case over engineering, where engineers are adding features simply for showing off.

More than that, those who own an i8, would actually run to the first dealer and asked them how to disable the system.


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