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Techno Classica 2014 will showcase plenty BMWs

This year’s iteration of the Techno Classica event has just opened its gates to the public, displaying classic vehicles of all kinds that were more or less prominent throughout the ages.

As expected, German car maker BMW will have a strong presence at the show, bringing iconic Bimmers and even a few classic bikes from their Motorrad division.

BMW at 2014 Techno Classica

BMW at 2014 Techno Classica

For car enthusiasts, regardless of preferred brand, an old vehicle is more than just scrap metal. They are important steps in the manufacturer’s evolution that at one time or another managed to leave their mark on the market. It’s no wonder that some iconic cars go for millions of dollars in auction environments.

BMW at 2014 Techno Classica

BMW at 2014 Techno Classica

So what exactly did BMW bring to the 2014 Techno Classica? Any visitors going to Hall 12, where BMW is situated, can glance at the very first BMW M3, and even the famous BMW 3.0CLS, the Bimmer that put Alpina on the map. They have a BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe, which won the 24 hours Le Mans race many years ago and also a BMW V12 LMR.

BMW at 2014 Techno Classica

BMW at 2014 Techno Classica

From BMW’s Motorrad division, highlights include the BMW R37 and BMW R80 G/S motorcycles. Of course, BMW’s display, awesome as it may be, is just one in over 1.250 exhibitors, and should you have the chance, go and visit the 2014 Techno Classica.

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