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BMW and Toyota Partner for Hybrid Sports Car

BMW and Toyota are now partnering to develop a hybrid sports car that will replace the Z4 and the Supra. We are talking about a mixed of technology closely brought together.

Some sources within the BMW state that the new hybrid sports car in question will be different than the one of the Z4 replacement and the successor of the Supra.

The new model will actually sport a front-engine along with a four-wheel drive unit which will be mated to a petrol engine and electric motors.

BMW and Toyota Partner for Hybrid Sports Car

BMW and Toyota Partner for Hybrid Sports Car

The partnership will come in handy for Toyota to develop a high-tech super-capacitor touting hybrid system to enhance a performance boost and a short-term kinetic energy storage.

The super-capacitor technology can absorb and discharge the energy faster than the latest lithium-ion battery, being lighter and smaller than the current energy storage sources.

To rest assure, the BMW German luxury manufacturer will provide the necessary petrol burner, without exceeding the capacity of 2 liters.

The power will be send to the wheels with the help of a sequential manual transmission.


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